Phase2 Energy PowerBlock 500W Portable Power Station

Phase2 Energy Battery Generator 500 battery generator is solar ready and provides 478Wh of light-weight lithium battery power and 500W of portable pure sine wave inverter power to keep multiple mobile electronics and appliances going at home or on the go.


Intelligent Display

  • The intelligent LCD screen display shows exactly how many hours of power you have remaining based on the devices connected
  • When charging, the display also shows how much time it will take to get fully recharged

Safe and Silent Battery Power

  • Unlike gas-powered generators, the P2E Battery Generator 500 is battery powered
  • Meaning it’s safe for both outdoor and indoor use with no worries about fuel storage or dangerous fumes
  • UL2743 safety certified and has built-in protection features to ensure safe and efficient operation

Emergency Power When You Need It Most

  • Keep the P2E Battery Generator 500 on standby for power outages caused by weather or other emergencies so you can have lighting, get important news, and keep cellphones charged
  • When not in use it’s both safe and smart to keep it plugged into an AC outlet to keep it fully charged
  • It’s designed to optimize power without overcharging the battery, giving you maximum power to keep critical devices operating until your household power is restored
  • Don’t always have access to an AC outlet? No problem, can keep a charge for up to 1 year when not in use

Convenient Recharging

  • Includes a built-in 200-Watt MPPT solar controller that allows for a 4-hour recharge time with most 200W solar panels (solar panel not included)
  • Can also be recharged by connecting to an AC outlet (7 hours to recharge). Recharge times are approximate and depend on conditions.


Powers up to 7 Devices at Once: 3/AC Ports, 2/USB-A Ports, 1/USB-C Port, 1/12V DC
Off-Grid Power Anytime, Anywhere: Built in 200W MPPT solar controller for solar recharge
Intelligent LCD Display: Takes the guesswork out of portable power
Superior Design: Lightweight, compact and silent operation
Recharge Options: AC, DC via MPPT: attach a 200W Solar Panel
Recharge Times: AC: 7 Hrs, Solar: 4 Hrs
Capacity: 478 Watt-Hours
Weight: 13.00 lbs
Dimensions: 8.98" x 7.87" x 10.63" inches
Color: Black

What’s Included?

  • 1x Phase2 Energy PowerBlock 500W / 478Wh Portable Power Station
  • 1x Charging Cord
  • 1x Manual

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