Perricone MD No Makeup 3-Piece Set (Instant Blur, Foundation Serum, Lipstick)

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I love it!!

Written by @Sweetthang - August 5th 2020
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I really like the way it seems like I’m not wearing makeup. Totally great product. You have to try this

Written by @ranger345 - August 5th 2020
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Skin looks youthful again

Love the way this makeup flows in too a smooth dewy finish. This will be my new go to makeup every morning.

Written by @dsadbags - August 4th 2020
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  • Each kit includes Includes a No Makeup Instant Blur Primer, Foundation Serum SPF 20 & SPF 15 Lipstick

  • Kits are pre-paired using Perricone’s recommended Serum & Lipstick combinations here

  • Unsure which shade foundation matches your skin? Try Perricone’s Shade Finder!

  • Kits Available in:

    • Porcelain Serum & Pink Lipstick
    • Ivory Serum & Rose Lipstick
    • Nude Serum & Rose Lipstick
    • Buff Serum & Berry Lipstick
    • Beige Serum & Berry Lipstick
    • Golden Serum & Red Lipstick
    • Tan Serum & Cognac Lipstick
    • Tan Serum & Wine Lipstick
    • Rich Serum & Wine Lipstick


  • What it is:
    • A multi-tasking, invisible primer and complexion perfecter powered by skin-smoothing Alpha Lipoic Acid to blur and minimize the look of pores, redness, wrinkles, and fine lines both instantly and over time.
  • What It Does:
    • Creates a soft-focus effect and satin finish, blurring imperfections and uneven skin tone.
    • Reduces the appearance of pores, wrinkles, redness and uneven texture over time.
    • Primes the complexion and creates a smooth canvas so makeup looks better and lasts longer.
    • Minimizes shine throughout the day and balances excess oil to help lock in your look.
    • Light compact with mirror allows for convenient application anytime, anywhere.
  • Size: 10g / 0.35 oz


  • What It Is:
    • Available in 8 shades, our skin-improving serum foundation creates a semi-matte finish with buildable coverage.
    • The lightweight, skin-softening formula is powered with neuropeptides and daisy flower extract to visibly improve dark spots and uneven skin tone, while Broad Spectrum SPF 20 protects the skin.
  • What It Does:
    • Provides a semi-matte finish with buildable coverage.
    • Smooths the look of imperfections.
    • Visibly improves the look of dark spots and uneven tone.
  • Size: 30ml / 1 fl. oz


  • What it is:
    • A cushiony, skincare-infused lipstick with a sheer wash of natural-looking color as it visibly improves firmness, smoothness, and definition over time.
    • Available in 6 different tones
  • What it does:
    • Makeup-infused skincare.
    • Solid-to-serum formula conditions, hydrates and smooths.
    • Mimics the lip vermillion to restore youthful color and definition.
  • Size: 0.15 oz

Included In The Box

  • 1x Perricone MD No Makeup 3-Piece Set (Foundation Serum, Instant Blur, Lipstick) In Your Choice


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Wednesday, August 19th - Wednesday, August 26th


Verified Purchase

I love it!!

Written by @Sweetthang - August 5th 2020
Verified Purchase


I really like the way it seems like I’m not wearing makeup. Totally great product. You have to try this

Written by @ranger345 - August 5th 2020
Verified Purchase

Skin looks youthful again

Love the way this makeup flows in too a smooth dewy finish. This will be my new go to makeup every morning.

Written by @dsadbags - August 4th 2020
Verified Purchase

These products are amazing! The coverage is fantastic.

Written by @lynnelittle - July 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Love these products.

I’ve used all these products before except for the lipstick.
So, I know and love them and this time a great price.
So far, I am really enjoying the lipstick too. The Rose color is nice and it feels good on my lips.
The No Makeup foundation and Instant Blur are both light weight and nice for all year use.

Written by @ClarePearson - July 22nd 2020
Verified Purchase

Just started...

I received it today and am happy with the color matching. I used your online color-matching app and to my surprise, it worked!!

Written by @ESFRED - July 22nd 2020
Verified Purchase

The best product ever!!

I love Perricone MD, I have used it for years. Now that my daughters are using make up I make sure they only use Perricone MD. The no-makeup 3 piece set is a true bargain and I have never had this type of deal on this high end product. Love the Morningsave deals, I’m completely hocked.

Written by @tvicky - July 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

I love this foundation set.

This foundation feels great on my skin, and looks great. I love that it has sunscreen in the foundation. The lipstick is both beautiful and moisturizing.

Written by @Andreahpt - July 5th 2020
Verified Purchase

Quality all around

Well thought products and containers. Feels wonderful and matches my coloring perfectly. Happy I made the leap to try.No more searching. Thank you very much!

Written by @smart1 - June 26th 2020
Verified Purchase

Nice product

It took quite a journey to get here but well worth the wait…I love everything about the products…makeup looks natural …the lipstick color perfect .

Written by @mare50 - June 26th 2020
Verified Purchase

Feels GREAT!

Smooth and silky feeling. not greasy or lumpy.

Written by @caroldan71 - June 26th 2020
Verified Purchase

Great Coverage!!!!

I am very impressed by the light coverage. Really nice consistency and the color is perfect.
Thank you!!!

Written by @marysissy - June 25th 2020
Verified Purchase

Best make up

Absolutely love it

Written by @MissLala1986 - June 19th 2020
Verified Purchase

So far I like the product because I can use alone without foundation. Applies smoothly and does seem to blur wrinkles and blemishes. Would recommend this product.

Written by @stardustiam - June 17th 2020
Verified Purchase

Great product

I love the way it goes on and the way it makes my skin feel

Written by @wahpiti - June 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

Second purchase

I came back and thought a different shade I liked it so well

Written by @cocktails711 - June 9th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love this purchase

Written by @margievel - June 9th 2020
Verified Purchase

Healthy powder for your face

All natural with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E and Squalene Primer

Written by @pmbendixl - May 20th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love it

Love Dr.Perricone products.

Written by @fabnurse - May 20th 2020
Verified Purchase

It feels very natural, on my lips

It is not greasy feeling, looks great.

Written by @clpenza - May 8th 2020
Verified Purchase

great Moisturizer for Lips

There is nothing to dislike about this lipstick. Bravo!!

Written by @scarsmom - May 5th 2020
Verified Purchase

Great color, feel on lips. Love the packaging, very classy.

Written by @auntsha - April 30th 2020
Verified Purchase

Best purchase ever!

This was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! Well worth the money, great products!!!

Written by @andivandy - April 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

They are fantastic

This is the best lipstick I have ever bought!
Thank you!

Written by @bella0008 - April 11th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love all Perricone products

The makeup is light but corrects issues and feels good on my skin. I think the packaging is upscale too.

Written by @3Pertpert - March 17th 2020
Verified Purchase

Quality products, its' the real deal!

My first time to try Perricone MD products. Very nice!

Written by @Ksassmoore - March 17th 2020
Verified Purchase

I like how it makes my skin feels .

I like how it feels on my skin .

Written by @IsabelAlavez - March 8th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love this stuff it’s GREAT

I really love this makeup and I have gotten tons of it spent tons on it and I have other stuff I love but the blurring stuff you put on first is great feels wonderful on the skin and the foundation blends really well love it

Written by @KathrynGriswold - February 28th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love at first application

Just received today and already tried them and I really like them so much. Very nice coverage,great color on lipstick, mascara has a good consistency. Would definitely buy again!

Written by @auntsha - February 20th 2020
Verified Purchase


Written by @sandracolindres - February 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

Great make up...

Lightweight make up that blends smoothly.

Written by @famanati - February 10th 2020
Verified Purchase

Great product

Written by @marmel59 - January 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Given as a gift.

Written by @mercedesboles - June 13th 2020
Verified Purchase

I’m enjoying these items so far thank you

Written by @panina - March 16th 2020
Verified Purchase

I haven’t yet tried the teeth whitening product.
The Instant Blur primer is easy to use; it’s not STELLAR but works fairly well; foundation goes over it easily.

Written by @paulaljackman - June 13th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love the lipstick and instant blur

But the foundation does not cover well.

Written by @dogcharlie1 - June 3rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Never received lipstick

I would rank it higher, but I never received the lipstick.

Written by @cort39 - July 1st 2020
Verified Purchase

Cant see a difference when used

I have a few imperfections that I thought this primer would eliminate and thought would have more cover. There is no cover and can’t see a difference in my skin.

Written by @ljd1956 - June 6th 2020
Verified Purchase

A Great Chapstick

Not a good lipstick. Barely any color…more like a tinted lipstick.
But great moisturizer so will use as that.
Anna Edwards

Written by @Cherryglade2020 - March 4th 2020
Verified Purchase

Damaged products

First, it took over a month and a half to be delivered! Secondly, everything was damaged when it arrived! The glass eyedropper for the foundation was cracked, the lipsticks were melted in the Vegas 100+ degree weather, the blue makeup had condensation going on! I was so disappointed and will be tossing them in the trash!

Written by @kanilea7424 - August 1st 2020
Verified Purchase

Color is wrong, coverage isn’t good

Written by @Fletcy18 - July 7th 2020
Verified Purchase

Not what I expected

It has an unpleasant smell. And doesn’t stay on very well.

Written by @alicetapia - July 2nd 2020
Verified Purchase

The glass (or plastic … it was shattered so much, I couldn’t tell!) eye dropper for the Foundation Serum was shattered so I need another one before I can actually try it out! I sent you an email earlier today about this but have not heard back from you!

Written by @brendacrowder - June 25th 2020
Verified Purchase

Didn't Work For Me

The lipstick isn’t pink, it’s more of an orange. I blur feel waxy on my face and the foundation serum just sat on top of it. Could still see pore too.

Written by @meclbk - June 24th 2020
Verified Purchase

Do not purchase!!!

On top of the 3 products not working like stated, I found out that these are not returnable. GIANT wast of money. I will never purchase anything from Morningsave because of their strict return policy.

Written by @jvanhorst - June 5th 2020
Verified Purchase

Very upset

My product was delivered to me damage all my foundation was OPEN and the box was so badly damaged I had foundation on all my products I’m so upset

Written by @cassielee - June 4th 2020
Verified Purchase

Not for me

Made my face itch after. Only wore it a little while. Lipstick worked though.

Written by @nanmc28 - April 12th 2020
Verified Purchase

Not worth the money at all.

The product is completely watered down. The blur product did absolutely nothing, the foundation did nothing and has a plastic odor and the lipstick is super faint, basically a waste of a product I thought would really bring it and help even my skintone.

Written by @alizgill - March 21st 2020
Verified Purchase

Rip off con artists

Never received any of the products

Written by @bethsouthern - February 9th 2020
Verified Purchase


This product needs to be reapplied too frequently. I paid 50% off the original price and that was still overpaying. It does not make my lips any softer.

Written by @laurie6141979 - January 29th 2020
Verified Purchase

Bad taste & sticky

Threw it away after first use.

Written by @jasphn - January 27th 2020
Verified Purchase

Feels terrible

This lipstick feels like it’s sat in a warehouse for years. It feels gritty. I hate it. This surprised me because Perricone MD is supposed to be top of the line. It’s terrible.

Written by @Emmagirl2017 - January 24th 2020

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