PalmNRG Neck, Shoulder, and Back Heat Therapy Set

The Back Warmer Pad is one of our best sellers, providing over an hour of heat before gradually cooling down to room temperature. It fits perfectly in the small of the back when sitting or across the upper back when lying down. Also included, is this custom designed pad to fit around the neck & shoulders. However, the Neck & Shoulder pad can be used on virtually any part of your body because of its unique, versatile shape. It is easy to manipulate and with only one disc, extremely easy to use – even for those suffering from pain or extreme stiffness.


  • Available in Green and Purple
  • The Neck & Shoulder pad helps relief: Neck tension, Upper back stiffness, Headaches (including migraines), Chest and stomach pains
  • The Back Pad helps relief: Back pain, Menstruation pain, Spine and Lumbar area pains
  • The Neck & Shoulder pad up to 2 hours of heat before gradually cooling down to room temperature
  • The great thing is that these pads are designed for any instance even when traveling
  • To create heat, simply flex the stainless steel disc which then creates a chain reaction causing the solution to crystallize and instantly heat to 130° degrees F
  • To regenerate your Click and Heat Pack after use, place it in already boiling water and continue boiling for a period of 5-10 minutes, or until all of the crystals have melted back to a clear liquid state (do not allow vinyl coating to touch the pot or bowl directly). You may notice bubbles, this is normal. Carefully remove the pack with tongs from the water (watching you do not burn yourself do not pick up directly with your hand) and place on cooling rack and let cool to room temperature before reactivating. To speed the cooling process, place the click and packs in the refrigerator.
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Included In The Box

  • 1x Neck & shoulder pad
  • 1x Back pad

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, April 1st - Thursday, April 4th

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