Our Happi Replacement 1500 Sq Ft Air Filter

The Happi filter is the jewel in our purifier’s crown.

And by jewel, we mean stink magnet that collects all the dust, odors, and pollutants that tend to get stirred up while you’re busy living life.


  • Bucket-shaped filter to scoop out dust, hair, dander & other large particles
  • HEPA antibacterial filter to remove pollen, dust mites & figers
  • Active carbon filter to absorb formaldehyde, TVOC & other harmful substances
  • Photocatalyst filter that degrades noxious gases, kills bacteria & removes bad odors
  • Ultraviolet ray for deep sterilization that kills superbugs like MRSA
  • Works with the Our Happi Air Purifier for Large Room


  • Filter lifespan: Approx. 6 months

What’s Included?

  • 1x Our Happi Air Filter


90 days