Ohana Twilight Bluetooth Speaker & LED Light System

The Twilight Kona Speaker & Luau Light system will set the mood for your next backyard party. Easily connect your Bluetooth device to play rich audio through the Kona speaker. You can also use your Kona to control the light on your luau. Kona & Luau are weather resistant and have a built-in rechargeable battery so you can easily set the mood indoors and outdoors.


Kona Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Water-resistant set perfect for outdoor use
  • Bluetooth enabled speaker for full bass sound
  • Built-In LED candle to illuminate your space with timed control
  • Ability to wirelessly connect to other products in the Ohana line
  • Touch interface that allows you to control multiple lights and speakers in the Ohana family

Luau LED Candle:

  • Water-resistant with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Built-In LED candle to illuminate your space
  • Ability to wirelessly connect to and be controlled by Kona speaker
  • On-board controls allow you to adjust the lighting
  • Micro USB port for simple and stress-free charging

Included in the box

1x Kona Bluetooth Speaker
2x Luau LED Candle


90 Day Bem

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