Mitch Stone 5-Piece Haircare Set


Volumizing Texture Spray

  • High-quality ingredients, with a vitamin-infused formula
  • This lightweight root boost spray uses proteins and amino acids to add body and fullness
  • Fine mist, air pump hair spray does not use any hazardous aerosols
  • Allows for scrunch spray for curls and waves
  • Its repairing and nourishing formula contains a mix of Papaya oil and Argan oil, with Vitamins, E, C, B6, and B12 repairs the hair

Dry Texture Spray

  • This fine mist dry texture spray is an absolute must-have hair spray for styling
  • A cross between a dry shampoo and a medium hold hair spray
  • Apply to dry hair and get fuller, less shiny hair with a beautiful modern finish
  • Its fragrance features hints of tea, freesia, jasmine, and rose orchid blended together to create a scent that is irresistible yet sophisticated
  • An instant volume spray that gives great body and texture to all hair types
  • Spray in short hair for a movable, moldable look with body and thickness
  • Spray this product into finished long hair or finishing blowouts to swell your waves and make a larger than life effect
  • A matte finish hair spray that adds plump and thickness to each strand
  • By spraying this product into the roots of a finished style adds body with a medium hold factor
  • This hairspray leaves a shine-free matte finish
  • An oil-absorbing hair spray that eliminates oil on contact

Luxury Repair and Style 6 oz

  • Intensive Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner
  • Perfect Pre-Blow Dry Cream
  • This sulfate-free product protects against the hottest blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons
  • Excellent diffusing product for curls & waves that give your curls the moisture and protection needed if you use heat to style
  • This anti-frizz cream seals the cuticle tightly and prevents humidity from ruining your style
  • Its exceptional fragrance has a light and airy fragrances that make your hair feel happy and rejuvenated

X-Tender Hair Extension & Wig Leave-In Conditioner

  • This hair extensions & wig detangler instantly softens and makes combing through your extensions & wigs pain-free
  • Less breakage with daily use
  • Heat protectant barrier between your extensions and hot tools
  • Anti-frizz stops fly-aways on dry damaged extensions
  • Hydrating hair extension conditioner
  • Brings intense hydration and moisture to your extensions, and wigs
  • Has a beautiful and Subtle Fragrance that is like a fresh summer day with a slight citrus and cottonseed finish

What’s Included?

  • 1x Mitch Stone 5-Piece Haircare Set
    • 2x Mitch Stone X-Tender Hair Extension & Wig Leave-In Conditioner
    • 1x Mitch Stone Luxury Repair and Style 6 oz
    • 1x Mitch Stone Dry Texture Spray
    • 1x Mitch Stone Volumizing Texture Spray 6 oz


90 days

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