Kuhn Rikon Multi-Tool Shears

These powerful kitchen and household shears from Kuhn Rikon let you cut more and open more. They’ve got a regular and Phillips screwdriver as well as a sharp blade for opening packages. The Shears lock together for safe storage.


Kitchen scissors with built-in hardware accessories.

Slice, snip and screw with these Kuhn Rikon shears. The shears cut chicken bones, the box cutter slices through plastic poultry wrapping, and the screwdrivers open hardware.

The handles lock together by a ridged plastic piece between them. To lock the handles and shear blades, push the handles together and push down the black piece, which catches onto a latch. To open the handles, push the ridged piece up, and the spring pushes the handles apart.

  • Snip herbs
  • Cut through bones
  • Cut wire
  • Rip through plastic wrapping
  • Screw hardware open
  • Stay protected and space economic by locking scissor blades and folding small cutter and screwdrivers


  • Wash by hand, then wipe dry. Do not soak.
  • Do not sharpen the shear blades–they sharpen themselves during cutting.
  • For safety, use one tool at a time and keep the others tucked inside.


  • 1x Kuhn Rikon Multi-Tool Shears


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, April 29th - Friday, May 3rd

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