Glossmetics Premium Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit

Get ready to change your beauty routine forever! Throw out your messy and harmful glue. This incredible magnetic infused eyeliner makes the included magnetic eyelashes stick to your lids like magic! Just apply eyeliner, let dry and apply the lashes, VOILA! Our premium magnetic eyelash kit comes with magnetic eyeliner, three pairs of reusable magnetic eyelashes, and eyelash applicator all in one handy kit.

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A perfect birthday gift!

Written by @Fairone - April 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love these magnetic eyelashes

Written by @psclark51 - November 26th 2019
Verified Purchase

Awesome Lashes

They are Awesome. I plan to order a second pair.

Written by @reneejerry - November 16th 2019
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  • Complete set includes
    • Three (3) Pairs of high-quality magnetic eyelashes (1 Glam, 1 Date Night, and 1 Everyday style)
    • Magnetic eyeliner (5ml)
    • Easy applicator tool
  • Lashes are reusable up to 100 times
  • Wind resistant
  • Easy removal without the hassle of sticky glue


How To Use

  1. Shake the magnetic eyeliner before use
  2. Apply the magnetic eyeliner to the eyelids, ensuring it’s along the line of your eyelash roots
  3. Now let the magnetic eyeliner dry up for 30-60 seconds (make sure that it’s not entirely dried up)
  4. Bend the magnetic eyelash bands so that they’re curved as similarly as possible to your own eye line
  5. Now grab the end tip of the magnetic eyelashes and place it on top over your own eyelashes. Ensure that the magnet band on the false eyelashes connects with the magnetic eyeliner you’ve applied. This ensures optimal long-lasting fit

How To Remove

  1. Apply some makeup remover to a cotton pad
  2. Close your eyes and dip the cotton pad onto your eyelashes to spread the makeup remover and remove the magnetic eyeliner
  3. Wait 30-60 seconds for the makeup remover to take full effect and then you can easily remove your eyelashes
  4. Rinse of your eyelids with water and store your eyelashes to be re-used for the next time


1x Glossmetics Premium Magnetic Eyelash KIt


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, Nov 2 - Monday, Nov 9


Verified Purchase

A perfect birthday gift!

Written by @Fairone - April 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love these magnetic eyelashes

Written by @psclark51 - November 26th 2019
Verified Purchase

Awesome Lashes

They are Awesome. I plan to order a second pair.

Written by @reneejerry - November 16th 2019
Verified Purchase

Fast delivery

Thanks so much. Can’t wait to use them!!!

Written by @Dream99 - November 8th 2019
Verified Purchase

Magnetic eyelashes didn't work well

These seem to work the very first time I attempted to wear them with only the corners loosening up (which is not good when you look like your lashes are lifted off your eyelids). But the second and third time I put these on, they just simply came right back off. They first slide like someone on a see-saw (because I’d reach up and push one side back on, then the other side would come attached). I dunno, may the magnetic glue is old… . I have no clue except they didn’t work for me. And I was so looking forward to an alternative to my daily liquid eyeliner and mascara without damaging my natural lashes.

Written by @MsBen4U - March 25th 2020
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too much work to try and get them perfect

The eyeliner is too black and if you don’t apply enough once it dries, you cannot reposition the lashes if you try to add more eyeliner. the magnets are spaced evenly on the lashes, so where there are no magnets, the lash puckers and you can see the eyelid. Just too much work to make them perfect.

Written by @drewmrs - November 24th 2019
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Magnetic eyelashes

The eyelashes lift the magnetic eyeliner off your eyes. So they dont stay on very well. I may try another brand but don’t love these.

Written by @ImKatherine74 - November 8th 2019
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Not good

The glue and eyelashes don’t stick, the magnetic glue doesn’t work, I tried several times and I’m not new to lashes, I wear them quit often.

Written by @Fashizzle_69 - May 9th 2020
Verified Purchase

Product did not work at all!!

Written by @lnoperi - May 6th 2020
Verified Purchase

Dried up eyeliner

I received my product and had actually ordered two kits when they arrived the eyeliner part in both kits are dried up Which makes the whole kit worthless

Written by @knsrbn - April 25th 2020
Verified Purchase


The liquid adhesive was dried out and when you try to put the lash, the lash will pull the adhesive not happy

Written by @medialuna17 - March 13th 2020
Verified Purchase

Very uncomfortable :(

The product does not stay on the eyelid. They are stiff at the ends and feel like they are poking my eyelids. The magnetic eyeliner is very messy (worse than mascara), and does not hold the artificial lashes unless you put on a lot.
I haven’t even been able to wear them at all. I will be trying to do a return.

Written by @CRUTCH - February 28th 2020
Verified Purchase


I would not recommend this product to anyone. Very hard to use and not worth your time. The liner is cheap and has fallout after use.

Written by @bellanina - February 27th 2020
Verified Purchase


Ordered one…got two…and had to pay shipping!
Never Again!!! Tried to contact. NO phone #…Still no email answer.

Written by @catlawson1 - February 26th 2020
Verified Purchase

no happy

not happy with eyelashes

Written by @vegasroxy7 - February 19th 2020

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