Fusionware 9.5" Skillet With Lid and Colander/Strainer

New from the Fusionware 9.5-inch skillet with Diteklon synthetic diamond ceramic coating. A stainless steel hollow handle makes for easy transport from stove-top directly to the oven. A tempered glass lid and glass colander make for a complete, efficient cooking experience. What makes it so much better is the strainer, you can now strain your pasta without worrying about burning yourself, so handy! Use Fusionware at home to make everything with zero mess and ease of cleaning - soup, pasta, broth. Overall a great quality pot!


  • Patented construction prevents boil-over and minimizes splatter
  • Includes 9. 5" Skillet, glass cooking lid & glass colander
  • Heavy-duty aluminum body with diteklon ceramic coating
  • Works on gas, electric, and ceramic stovetops!
  • Limited Lifetime
  • Skillet; colander; lid

Included In The Box

  • 1x Fusionware 9.5" Skillet With Lid and Colander/Strainer


90 days

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