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Empower Fit Pro Smartwatch with Interchangeable Bands


When it comes to smartwatches, don’t you wish you could just say: “enough is enough”?

Like, for example, you don’t need it to work as a garage door opener if you don’t have a garage. And setting it up to open your smart lock is cool, unless you don’t have a smart lock. A fidget spinner app? Or a Tamagotchi-style digital pet app? Cute, but not necessary.

And yet, if a smartwatch is capable of those things, the manufacturer is going to charge you for it, regardless of how useful it is to you. Which brings us back to our initial question about wishing you could say “enough is enough.”

Unfortunately, you can’t.

But we can.

That’s what we did with this Empower watch: we worked with a partner to create the perfect budget smartwatch. It tracks exercise activities, tells you how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, gives you your blood oxygen levels, body temperature, all that stuff. It sends notifications from your phone to your wrist for texts, emails, and calls. It looks stylish and its IP67 waterproof rating keeps it safe in case a little sweat or rain gets on it.

And, well, that’s about it. We trimmed the fat on the features so we could trim the fat on the price as well. Because this smartwatch comes in at just $29.99.

In other words: it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t for a price you almost won’t believe. So get one, and get a smartwatch that is exactly enough.


  • No superfluous features: everything you need, nothing you don’t
  • Includes Black, Lavender and Rose Gold interchangeable bands to match your mood/style
  • It tracks all the stuff you want it to do: exercise, steps, blood oxygen level, body temperature, and more
  • Get notifications to your wrist for texts, emails, and calls
  • IP67 means a little moisture won’t ruin it


  • Technical Specifications: 1.4 screen size, 240 x 240 pixel, IP67 waterproof rating, 160mAh battery
  • Supported Systems: Android 4.4+ and iOS 8.2+
  • Timer: Stopwatch
  • Sleep Monitor: Measures quantity and quality of sleep
  • Weather: Temperature and forecast
  • Tracker: Help find a phone or watch
  • Notifications: Phone, Messages, Email, Social Media
  • Water Notifications: Reminds user to drink water at different points of the day
  • Inactivity Notifications: Reminds user to get up after being inactive for 1 hour
  • Shutter Control: Can use the watch as a camera remote
  • Alarm: Vibrate to wake
  • Custom Settings: Watch faces, language, brightness, and vibration intensity
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Run Time: 3-5 days
  • Standby Time: 6-7 days
  • Includes three interchangeable watch bands in black, lavender and rose gold
  • Charging Cable: Magnetic with a mini dock
  • App integration:
  • FitCloud (iOS / Android)
  • FitCloud Pro (iOS / Android)

What’s Included

  • 1x Empower Fit Pro SE Smartwatch with Interchangeable Bands
    • 1x Empower Fit Pro SE Smartwatch
    • 1x Black Interchangeable Band
    • 1x Lavender Interchangeable Band
    • 1x Rose Gold Interchangeable Band
    • 1x Charging Dock


90 days