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Cedar Fresh Cedar Crate with Hang-Ups, Blocks, and Sachets

This Cedar Fresh Closet Accessory Set is the perfect way to start transforming your closet into a luxurious cedar closet. Additionally, they help protect your wardrobe and linens from the hazards of mildew and moths!


  • Expand your clothing and linen storage options with 8 grooved cedar blocks
  • Includes a 12 x 9 cedar sweater box, 4 grooved hang-ups, and 4 sachets
  • Instead of small cubes, this set has grooved cedar blocks that are flatter with a larger surface area than cedar cubes
  • Cedar Fresh eastern red cedar extends the life of your wardrobe and linens by protecting them from the hazards of storage: pests and mildew
  • The fresh scent also keeps clothing from smelling like it has been in storage—without the unpleasant and harsh smell of chemical mothballs


  • 100% natural USA grown Red Cedar

Included In The Box

  • 4 Grooved Hang-Ups
  • 4x Shoe Sachets
  • 8x Grooved Cedar Blocks
  • 1x Large 12 x 9 Cedar Sweater Box


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Standard: Monday, Dec 14 - Friday, Dec 18.
Enhanced: Monday, Dec 14.

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