Antoni Barcelona 5-Piece Stemless Wine Glass and Decanter Gift Set

Serving wine is all about presentation, and the exquisitely designed Antoni Barcelona decanter and stemless wine glass set provides a worthy vessel for your finest vintage. Elevate your experience and honor your dinner guests by serving them with impressive style and distinction.

The decanter’s wide body and long, graceful neck is carefully crafted to properly and fully aerate your wine, which releases the full array of scents and flavors. These vessels also have a more practical purpose – they separate any potential sediment from the liquid, ensuring each glass of wine is as close to perfect as possible.
Stemless glasses are perfect for large gatherings or parties since they lack a stem. They are sturdier and fit well in your hand which makes them reliable and less likely to break than the stems on traditional wine glasses. Also, they are easy to store in your cabinets.

This elegant glassware is designed to mimic the awe-inspiring windowed cathedrals found throughout Europe, specifically the world-renowned Sagrada Família Basilica in Barcelona. A team of highly skilled artisans forms each piece by hand using glass, heated and shaped to precise specifications with maximum wine aeration in mind. Next, each piece is carefully hand-painted with the brilliant hues of the cathedral windows, resulting in a veritable work of art to proudly display on your sideboard.


  • Completely hand-blown and hand-painted in a very careful way by our expert glassblowers and painters
  • Red Line collection captures the beauty of the stained-glass windows under the sunlight at the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona
  • No matter the special occasion, this wine decanter and glass set makes an excellent present
  • Whether you are hosting a wine tasting party or planning a romantic evening with your loved one, these luxurious wine glasses are perfect for every moment
  • Our stemless wine glasses are one of a kind because they are hand painted by professional craftsman
  • The black gift box with color line is divided into two parts, separated by a lid, and cushioned with shock-resistant black foam
  • Includes four stemless wine glasses in elegant gift boxes and one wine decanter


  • Decanter size: 50 oz
  • Stemless glass size: 21 oz each
  • 100% lead free and manufactured with eco-friendly practices
  • Handmade and mouth-blown by highly experienced glass artisans
  • Each glass is a unique work of art

What’s Included?

  • 4x Stemless Wine Glasses
  • 1x Wine Decanter
  • Gift Boxes (2 wine glasses per box)


90 days

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