Amore 6-Piece Aromatherapy Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Gift Set


  • 100% pure essential Oils
  • Amore uses cold press extraction and distillation to create 100% pure essential oil
  • Amore sources their ingredients from local farmers that produce organically raised wild harvest. This process takes longer but it is better for the environment and creates better essential oil
  • Each 10ml bottle includes nothing but the extract of harvested wild plants

Directions for use

  • Diffusers: 1–6 drops, (refer to user manual)
  • Bath: 5–10 drops in a normal bath
  • Massage oil: add approx. 1/4 oz essential oil to 12–14 oz base oil
  • Room spray: add 4 or more drops to 1 cup water
  • Perfume: apply directly or dissolve in alcohol
  • Salve: add 15 drops to 1 oz base oil
  • Neat: apply 3–5 drops directly or mix with 1 tsp carrier oil, lightly massage


  • Set of six essential oils
  • 10 ml each
  • Made from aromatic essences of plants
  • 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil

Included in the box

  • 1x Cinnamon Oil
  • 1x Frangipani Oil
  • 1x Grapefruit Oil
  • 1x Jasmine Oil
  • 1x Rose Oil
  • 1x Ylang Oil


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, December 16th - Monday, December 23rd

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