6-Pack: Hosley Fragranced Wax Cubes (2.5 oz)

Hosley’s Set of 6, 2.5 oz. Fragranced Wax Cubes will leave your home smelling wonderful. Infused with Essential Oils creates a warm and comforting retreat in your home. A flame-less alternative to candles and will fill your room with a wonderful fragrance that will lighten up the mood. The Hosley’s Scented Wax Melts are perfect for any place or home. These waxes are made using the highest quality of imported fragrance oils and blended to perfection to ensure your fragrance carries to every corner of your room.


  • Available scents include Sweet Pea Jasmine, Crisp Apple, and Tangerine Splash
  • When burning, they will diffuse pleasant scents
  • Hand poured wax infused with essential oils
  • These are perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room’s decor
  • Use in wax warmers or even melt down to make your own candles
  • Hand poured wax infused with essential oils to create a highly fragrance Aroma
  • Enjoy a different beauty long lasting fragrance in every room in your home
  • Made from essential oils fragranced wax, each package is 2.5 oz.
  • Made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage at every step of production
  • Perfect for everyday use, weddings, events, aromatherapy, spa, meditation, bathrooms, and much more

What’s Included?

  • 6x Hosley Fragranced Wax Cubes (2.5 oz)


90 days

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