5-Pack: YukBGone Natural Hand and Surface Sanitizer Set


  • Natural hand and surface cleaner

    • No hash chemicals
    • Helps mask odors
  • Convenient 15ml size

    • Fits into a pocket, small purse, backpack or car compartment
    • Perfect for travel and on-the-go
    • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses:

    • Spritz on shopping cart handles for a natural clean
    • Spritz down high chairs at restaurants then swipe clean with a napkin
    • Spray on baby changing tables to wipe clean the surface
    • Spritz on toilet seats in public areas to wipe clean the surface
    • Great for camping trips and outdoor events
    • Spritz on an envelope to seal instead of licking it
    • Spray on a paper towel and place it in a drawer to mask odor


*Made in the USA

##Inclued in the Box

  • (1) Passion Fruit Scent 15ml
  • (2) Summer Time Scent 15ml
  • (2) Peppermint Scent 15ml


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Tuesday, February 25th - Monday, March 2nd

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