3-Pack: Wahl Ceramic & Gel Hot and Cold Packs

Ceramic bead infused technology. Maintains optimum temperature for faster, long relief. Great for neck, shoulder, arthritis, headaches, and back. Up to 40% colder than comparable gel packs. The Brand Used by Professionals® since 1919.

Total body pain relief. Cold helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Hot helps relieve pain and aids muscle recovery. Extra-thick gel pack conforms to the body for faster relief. A case with strap holds a gel pack in place for hands-free pain relief. Ceramic and gel beads maintain optimum temperature for longer, faster relief.

For pain relief that is quick, easy and all natural.


  • Stays colder for up to 20 minutes longer than traditional gel packs
  • Great for soothing muscle aches and arthritis
  • Freeze to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Heat to relieve pain and aid muscle recovery
  • A combo of ceramic and gel beads for optimum and longer-lasting temperature
  • Freeze for one hour or leave in the freezer for immediate use (may be heated directly from frozen state)


  • Model: 4119
  • Condition: New

Included In The Box

  • 3x Gel Packs
  • 3x Straps


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Wednesday, January 29th - Monday, February 3rd

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