25-Pack: Jaw Bungee Adjustable Tension Bungee Cords

Here’s the answer to all of your bundling, tightening and securing needs. Unlike traditional bungee cords, Jaw Bungee’s dual hole tension cord and jawlike ball, creates a super strong grip on items you are looking to tie down. Use it around the house to hang holiday lights, hide unwanted cables behind the TV and keep bags of pet food closed.


  • Effortlessly secure, fasten, and organize items with these adjustable tension cords
  • Provides reliable grip and prevents slippage, ensuring a secure hold
  • Each pack includes 25 bungee cords, offering an abundance of options for various tasks
  • Easily adjust tension to suit different needs, enhancing flexibility and usability
  • Durable construction ensures these cords can withstand a range of applications
  • Streamline your projects and storage with these reliable, multi-purpose bungee cords


  • 12" bungee cords
  • Easily adjustable & customizable
  • Link multiple Jaw Bungees together for more length
  • Raised edges of the bungee create a tight fit
  • Virtually unlimited uses
  • Strong & durable

What’s Included?

  • 25x Jaw Bungee Adjustable Tension Bungee Cords


90 days

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