2-Pack: Stonepoint Wide Spectrum LED Grow Reflector Bulbs for Plants

Grow plants indoors all-year-long with these high-quality, independently tested Stonepoint LED Light bulbs.


  • Grow healthy, stronger plants all year long with Stonepoint LED Lighting grow bulbs
  • Bulbs provide maximum growth in all stages of development, seeding, budding, and flowering using full-spectrum lighting
  • Low energy consumption and low heat emission to ensure plant safety and rapid growth
  • Our utility big bulb is cooler than incandescent grow bulbs so you can keep the light closer to the plant without burning it
  • There is less water evaporation, so your plants will stay moist longer
  • With the integrated LEDs you will not have to replace any bulbs and the LEDs will last longer than other grow light sources
  • Our full spectrum bulb emits spectrum wavelengths of blue for vegetative growth and red for flowering growth
  • Standard E26 base, shatter-resistant lens, and aluminum reflector
  • Uses 56% less energy as compared to a standard incandescent bulb
  • Note: You will receive two screw-in bulbs only (light fixture or lamp sold separately)


  • Dimensions: 9.75" Diameter x 4.25" Height
  • Bulb Construction: Aluminum
  • Bulb Shape: Reflector
  • Bulb Type: Specialty
  • Color Temperature: Warm White
  • Fixture Color/Finish: Aluminum
  • Light Bulb Base Code: E26 Screw Base
  • Brightness: 1400 Lumens
  • Life: 30,000 hours
  • Light appearance: 2300K (warm white)
  • Energy used: 33-Watt (equivalent to a 100-Watt standard incandescent light bulb)
  • Lumens per watt: 42

LED Details

  • PPF (400-700nm) 28.22
  • FRPF (700-800nm) 5.33
  • Blue PF (400-500nm) 2.27
  • Red PF (600-700nm) 17.98
  • Blue Wavelength 455nm
  • Red Wavelength 645nm

What’s Included?

  • 2x Stonepoint Wide Spectrum LED Grow Reflector Bulbs for Plantst LED Grow Reflectors

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