2-Pack: mPULSE Blast & Blast Mini Bluetooth Stereo Speakers (Open Box)

Greatly Lowered Expectations

Last time we sold these, we endeavored to keep expectations low. Yes, they wrap around your phone or tablet, holding it upright and improving the sound. No, they can’t be worn like Lobot (at least, not comfortably). Yes, they’re sold in “open box” condition so they may have weird price tags on them. No, they’re not going to “transform any smartphone into a cinema on the go” like the box claims.

And the response from users who bought them? Weirdly, uniformly positive. @littlefarmcheap said:

My partner is very hard of hearing, he can now hear his tablet talking about the latest and greatest fishing techniques. Joy for him, not so much for me. Great sound. Would highly recommend these sound blasters. lots of bass- big sound -small package

Bass pun intended? @sammydog01 admitted:

… I have bought an obscene number of speakers from Meh. I really like this one. I watch a lot of shows on my tablets and this thing is a pretty good stand as well as a not bad speaker. Win!

@djslack “raved”:

Mine arrived with no obvious signs of prior use. It took a little fidgeting to get them to pair but they sound pretty good and the stand mechanism is neat. I’d say they are well worth the price of admission.

And @mimsy summed it up:

Worth $10. And it’s better than expected.

What can we take away from these unusual forum kudos? That these are the best speakers of all time? That you’d be foolish not to buy a pair?

Of course not. It means we at Meh should pat ourselves on the back for lowering expectations so expertly. We set the bar so low that, when customers were able to extract any value from them whatsoever, they were delighted.

Wait a second … by saying all this today we may inadvertently be raising expectations. Those “better than expected” customer reviews could be misconstrued as meaning “good”! Don’t listen to us. Ignore everything we’ve said.


  • You get a random-color pair of Bluetooth speakers that wrap around your device, hold it up, and make it sound better
  • They’re not headphones though they sure look like 'em
  • You’re getting a deal because they’re in “open box” condition, which means they work fine but may have some weird retail stickers or other cosmetic quirks
  • Also because the colors are random (red, black, or white)
  • Fit your phablet or tablet in the “tablet” size your smaller phone in the “phone” size – if your device is in between go with the “tablet” size
  • Model: MWKBLTHBLSTRD, MWKBLTHBLSTBK, MWKBLTHBLSTWT, MWKBLTHBLSMRD, MWKBLTHBLSMWT, MWKBLTHBLSMBK (There’s a certain Dadaist, anarchic beauty to the internal gibberish these model numbers force you to pronounce. They’re too word-like to be read as acronyms but too vowel-poor to read as words. They are everything and they are nothing)



  • Condition: Open box
  • Speaker & phone/tablet stand in one
  • Expandable arms fit any sized tablet
  • Adjust between 20 and 60 degree viewing angles
  • Foldable design for compact storage
  • Input: Bluetooth, microphone, 3.5mm aux
  • Power Supply: Lithium Battery
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Range: Up to 10 meters
mPulse Blast Mini mPulse Blast
Output power: 4W 6W
S/N: >85dB >85dB
Frequency range: 50Hz - 20KHz 50Hz - 20KHz
Dimensions: 150.2mm x 155.5mm x 37.8mm 199mm x 208mm x 51.5mm

What’s in the Box?

2x Bluetooth speaker
2x Micro USB cable


Red Blast
White Blast Mini
Black Blast
White Blast Folded
Included with Red Blast
Blast Detail
White Blast Mini
Red Blast Mini
Blast Blast Mini
Red Blast Mini side view
White Blast Mini Folded
Blast Mini Detail
Retail box

Price Comparison

Mini: $49.98 (for 2) at Amazon
Regular: $139.98 (for 2) at Amazon


90 days

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