2-Pack: Griffin Wireless Charging Vegan Leather Mousepads

Enhance your workspace with the Griffin Wireless Charging Mousepad. This chic accessory seamlessly blends a vegan leather mousepad with a powerful wireless charger, offering dual-coil efficiency and versatile charging for all Qi-compatible devices. With a sleek design, adjustable stand, and integrated LED, Griffin brings style and functionality to your desk. Upgrade to clutter-free elegance and efficient charging with Griffin’s Wireless Charging Mousepad.


  • Two-in-One Design: Combining a mousepad and a wireless charger in a single product, the Griffin Wireless Leather Mousepad simplifies charging and declutters your workspace
  • Vegan Leather Elegance: Featuring a chic vegan leather surface, this mousepad adds a touch of style to your desk while embracing ethical and cruelty-free materials
  • Dual-Coil Efficiency: Equipped with dual coils for optimal charging, this mousepad ensures efficient wireless power delivery to your Qi-compatible devices
  • Flexible Charging Options: Charge your device either upright or on its side, thanks to the dual coils that guarantee an efficient wireless charge tailored to your device’s optimal charging speed
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with all Qi-compatible devices, providing a powerful 10W charge for iPhones, AirPods, Androids, and more
  • Low-Profile Design: Slim and lightweight, the mousepad comes with a Micro-USB cable and is compatible with USB-A wall adapters, offering a low-profile and portable charging solution
  • Optimal Charging Speed: Achieve the fastest wireless charging by connecting the mousepad to a 15W wall charger (not included), ensuring an optimal charging speed for your devices
  • Adjustable Stand with LED Indicator: The mousepad includes an adjustable stand with an integrated LED to conveniently display your device’s charging status, allowing for easy device viewing
  • Fast Wireless Charging: Experience fast and efficient wireless charging, ensuring your devices are powered up quickly and conveniently
  • Ease of Use: The pad communicates with your device to determine the optimum charging speed, making the charging process easy and efficient


Material: Vegan Leather
Power: 10W Charge
Dual Coils: Ensure Efficient Wireless Power
Flexible Charging: Charge Upright or On Its Side
Compatibility: Supports Apple (7.5W), Samsung & Other Qi Compatible Devices (Up to 10W)
Design: Slim & Lightweight
Adjustable: Adjustable Stand for Easy Device Viewing
LED Indicator: Displays Charging Status
Available Colors: Black, Navy, Rose

What’s Included?

  • 2x Griffin Wireless Charging Vegan Leather Mousepads
  • 2x USB-C to USB-A Cables
  • 2x Instruction Manuals


90 days

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