2-Pack: GoWISE Solar Emergency Flashlight with Built-in Power Bank

Whether you’re camping, working in the garage, indoors or outdoors, this Solar panel multi-function flashlight has a purpose for all your needs. It’s super bright LEDs on the light head will help you beam light on what’s in front of you, and at a distance by turning the zoomable head.


  • Flashlight with Solar Power bank and 5 Red Emergency Lights
    • The LED bulbs are 3W LED Flashlight and 10 LED Work Lights
  • 3 Mode Button Lighting:
    • Flashlight
    • SOS(Emergency)
    • Lantern
  • Adjustable Zoom range:
    • Whether you need light for something that is far or close by, this flashlight is designed with an adjustable zoom range, simply twist the knob to zoom out or zoom into an object
  • Great to have in an Emergency:
    • It comes with a power bank and USB port to allow you to charge your electronics when you’re out in the wilderness or stranded and features a flashing red emergency lights
  • Quick Charge times:
    • This flashlight recharges itself quickly directly under the sun
    • It also comes with a USB charge option
  • Durable, Functional & Lightweight:
    • This flashlight is made of aluminum and designed to fit into anyone’s hands comfortably, which makes it perfect for everyday use and outdoor activities
    • Heavy duty magnetic base and strap/D-clip for hands-free lighting

Included In The Box

  • 2-Pack: GoWISE Solar Emergency Flashlight with Built-in Power Bank

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