2-Pack: Aromatique Standard Fragrance Bag


  • The Standard Bag is our iconic decorative fragrance style
  • The Smell of Spring:
    • Using zinnia sola flowers, boxwood flowers, and elephant ear pods, this decorative fragrance adds a bright, cheery touch to any space
    • The Smell of Spring instantly refreshes a room with floral fragrances of hyacinth, jasmine, and rose, touched lightly with lily of the valley
    • Fragrance Notes: Pineapple, Green Hyacinth, Jasmine, Rose, Balsamic, Vanilla
  • Pomelo Pomegranate:
    • Using canella berries, elephant pods, and triangle beans, this decorative fragrance adds a bright, cheery touch to any space
    • Pomelo Pomegranate instantly refreshes a room with a sweet citrus blend of oroblanco pomelo and pomegranate musk infused with a hint of clementine blossoms
    • Fragrance Notes: Pomegranate, Oroblanco Pomelo, Eucalyptus, Clementine Blossoms, Musk, White Vetiver
  • Sorbet:
    • Using coco flowers, palm petals, and arjun pods, this decorative fragrance creates a sophisticated touch to any space
    • Sorbet fills any space with lemon and lime entwined with peach, melon, and rose
    • Fragrance Notes: Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime, Ginger, Musk, Floral


  • Open the bag from the bottom to allow contents to release into the container of your choice. Arrange botanicals to be displayed on the surface as needed
  • Note: Our decorative fragrance performs better than other potpourris on the market because we utilize highly fragranced wood chips and other carriers that allow our fragrances to stay fresher and longer
  • These types of porous materials also allow the fragrance to be released into the air for maximum strength, leading you to the best experience possible


  • Use time up to 4 weeks
  • Size: 6 oz

what’s included?

  • 2x Aromatique Standard Fragrance Bag in Your Scent Choice


90 days