16-Pack: Bookid Jumbo Coloring & Activity Books for Ages 6 & Up

Bookid Jumbo Coloring & Activity Books are a great value, creative book set that will have your kids wanting to play for hours.

This activity book set includes four creative books that will provide immense value to your children in the future.

Get your kids the BooKid activity book set and watch them beam with joy as they develop new skills!


  • Four creative, children’s activity books designed to make learning fun for ages 6+
  • Makes an ideal present or birthday gift for your child
  • Quickly develop vital skills for your kids with these challenging activity books
  • Perfect for developing the skills that your child needs to improve their coloring, problem-solving, and motor skills at a young age
  • Provides children with excellent tools that will develop a broad range of skills at a rapid pace
  • Promotes visual-spatial perception, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination
  • Built to last and have a colorful design that provides endless hours of joy
  • Star 2 Star
    • With the use of a pencil, pen, or crayons, this easy and fun activity book helps children “connect the stars” throughout the activities in the book
    • Develops basic math skills, improved concentration as well as work ethics, and fine motor skills, coloring and learning activities with numbers 1-75
  • Coloring Models
    • Develops visual perception, symmetrical structures identification on different levels of complexity, and self-expression
  • Find The Differences
    • Kids will spot the slight differences between two almost identical images and enjoy coloring in the picture
    • Fun exercise that encourages curiosity, attention to detail, the distinction between identical, similarities and differences, and visual-spatial diagnosis
  • Fun to Color
    • Each page contains two pictures: one small and colorful and the other big and colorless
    • Children will color the picture according to the colored one on the same page
    • Fun and colorful activity book that improves concentration, precision, visual and spatial information processing abilities, and fine motor skills


  • Size: Jumbo size book, 10.6" L x 8.3" W
  • Age Recommendation: 6+

What’s Included?

  • 16x Bookid Jumbo Coloring & Activity Books for Ages 6 & Up
    • 4x Star 2 Star
    • 4x Coloring Models
    • 4x Find the Differences
    • 4x Fun to Color


90 days

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