15-Piece: Cuisinart Professional Non-Stick Hard Anodized Cookware

The Cuisinart Professional Non-Stick Hard Anodized 15-Pc. Set includes all the tools you need to perform virtually any cooking task. Serious chefs can sauté veal or salmon steaks, reduce a delicate sauce and simmer the perfect stock. You can also slow-cook creamy oatmeal, grill cheese sandwiches and warm up soup for lunch; makes life easy and delicious, all day long.


  • Hard anodized exterior:
    • Harder than stainless steel
    • For durability and professional performance
  • Heat distribution:
    • Heats quickly and spreads heat evenly
    • Eliminating hot spots
  • Cool grip handles:
    • Stay cool on the stovetop
  • Break-resistant glass covers:
    • Allow you to monitor food while it is cooking
    • Without losing heat or food flavors
  • Superior nonstick cooking surface:
    • Lasting food release, healthy cooking
    • Easy cleanup and metal-utensil safe
  • Ideal for all cooking techniques:
    • Slow simmers of cream-based sauces
    • Rolling boil of stocks to concentrate flavors
    • Sautéing meats, poultry or fish with herbs and garlic
  • Rims are tapered for drip-free pouring
  • Induction ready
  • Tight-fitting covers:
    • Seal in moisture and nutrients
    • For healthier, more flavorful results every time you cook


  • Material: anodized
  • Care: hand wash
  • Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Color: black

What’s Included?

  • 1x Cuisinart Professional Non-Stick Hard Anodized 15-Piece Cookware
    • 1x 1-quart Saucepan with covers
    • 1x 2-quart Saucepan with covers
    • 1x 3-quart Saucepan with covers
    • 1x 3.5-quart Sauté pan with cover
    • 1x 6-quart Stockpot with cover
    • 1x 8-inch Skillet
    • 1x 10-inch Skillet
    • 1x 12-inch everyday pan with cover
    • 1x 18cm stainless steel steamer insert
  • 1x Manual

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