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120-Pack: Fidget Spinners


  • 120 fidget spinners: printed, standard, or with LEDs that may or may not still light up.
  • Seriously, we don’t know.
  • And we’re passing the savings onto you!
  • Hand 'em out for Halloween instead of candy maybe!
  • If you like stuff that has stuff printed on it, check out Mediocritee!
  • Model: TH3-F1D63T4L-463.


  • Product Name: Fidget Spinners
  • Model: Spinners
  • Condition: New or Probably with dead batteries
  • Choose between Standard, Printed, and LED with dead batteries
  • Printed design batch has some yellow rubber fidgets mixed in
  • LED spinners: each “arm” has a blue, red, and green LED inside (which may or may not work) with 3 different settings for flashing speed
  • They spin
  • They don’t stop (but the batteries might already have)

In the box

120x Printed Fidget Spinners
120x Standard Fidget Spinners
120x Dead LED Fidget Spinners

Here’s a Fun Fact for You

In-house hipster intern, Salinger, claims he “had a fidget spinner a few years back–before they became popular.” When asked what he now does to cut down on fidgeting, Salinger responded with a surprisingly modest and almost normal answer, “I like to practice mindful meditation in the morning, and I’ve cut down on chewing coffee beans.”


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Wednesday, April 15th - Monday, April 20th. We’re temporarily prioritizing shipping some items to help customers stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, some deliveries will be longer than usual.

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