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1 Case (12 Bottles) of WFH (Wine For Home) Red Blend

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Wine FTW (for the win)

ICYMI (in case you missed it), this year has been challenging. IRL (in real life) we wouldn’t all be stuck WFH (working from home), but OMG (oh my gosh) 2020 WTH (what the heck)? IDK (I don’t know) about you, but I’m ready to crawl under the covers and BBIAB (be back in a bit), like say 2021.

IMO (in my opinion), staying home has given many of us FOMO (fear of missing out), but ICYMI (in case you missed it), we are all missing out this year. But BTAIM (be that as it may), it’s really NBD (no big deal), because when you are home you can stop what you’re doing and put your FUTAB (feet up, take a break). And not just any break but a WFH (WINE FOR Home) break.

I’m NGL (not gonna lie), a wine break is the best kind of break. It can leave you relaxed and maybe even ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing). So next time you need to BYOW (bring your own wine), even if it’s just to the couch or back patio, bring the WFH (Wine For Home) Red Blend that you can get delivered to your door. (DTYD might have worked here, but it actually stands for Drink Til You Drop, which has me LOL [laughing out loud].)


  • It could last you all year (it might last you all week)
  • An entire case of wine (that’s 12 bottles)
  • Easy porch delivery makes it the perfect contactless gift in 2020 (for a friend or yourself, remember, no judgment here)


  • Wine is sold by the licensed winery
  • You must be 21 years or older to order
  • By placing an order you represent that you are at least 21 years of age
  • This item is only eligible for ground shipping
  • Alcohol cannot be delivered to a PO Box
  • Someone 21 years or older must be present to sign for the alcohol when it is delivered
  • We recommend shipping the wine to your business address
  • If visibly intoxicated upon delivery, you will not be allowed to receive the wine
  • Void where prohibited by law
  • We cannot ship to these states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin
  • Your order will be canceled if you are shipping to one of the states above

2013 Wine For Home Red Blend

Tasting Notes

The strength of the Paso Robles region to offer wonderful blends is clearly demonstrated in this wine. The combination of the fruit profiles from Grenache, Petite Sirah and Syrah really bring this wine to bear. The concentration of flavors creates a powerful presence while still maintaining sophistication and balance. The blend is both well-structured and harmonious. Layers of fruit continue to emerge as the wine opens up, revealing more and more of the wine’s personality.

Viognier is used as the ‘glue’ that binds these varieties together. Its co-fermentation with Syrah adds depth to the texture and produces a seam-less palate that enhances the dark and red fruits offered by each different grape.

The wine is bright and very fruit forward but continues to deliver right through the middle palate. We chose to allow firmer tannins to emerge to assist in ensuring a clean and balanced finish.


  • Vintage: 2013
  • Appellation: Paso Robles, California
  • Varietals: Petite Sirah 37%, Grenache 34%, Syrah 20%, Viognier 9%
  • Alcohol: 14.4%
  • pH: 3.51
  • Total Acidity: 5.90 g/L
  • Residual Sugar: 7.00 g/L

About The Winery

Winery: Broken Earth Winery
Owners: Chris Cameron
Founded: 2011
Location: Paso Robles, California

We are a customer-focused team proudly representing Paso Robles & committed to continuing to bolster the high-quality reputation of Paso Robles wines. Broken Earth Winery produces unique wines that are estate grown, harvested & bottled in Paso Robles.

Rancho Tierra Rejada, Spanish for “land of worked earth,” is the original name of the 2,500 acre Paso Robles ranch that is now home to the vineyards of Broken Earth Winery. Our unique wines reflect winemaker Chris Cameron’s committed & passionate approach to all aspects of winemaking. Structure & balance are most critical, each varietal released is an accurate reflection of the style & the region. Broken Earth Winery remains committed to sustainable ideals, and to continuing to bolster the high-quality reputation of Paso Robles wines.
What’s in the Box?

What’s in The Box

  • Case:
    • 12x 2013 Wine For Home Red Blend


90 days

Available States


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