Storefront Community FAQ (in progress)


Hello future reader!

Q: Should we build a special FAQ for these forums?
A: Sure, just make suggested Questions and/or Answers in this thread and I’ll update relevant ones here up top in this section.

Q: Is this forum members only? Who all can see this?
A: Yes, unlike other sites we operate, the forums for storefronts are for members only. This includes local members of that storefront and universal members of all storefronts.

Q: What’s the purpose of this forum?
A: From our past experience, we believe communication between shoppers is vastly underrated. But it’s very hard to do. Allowing critical dialog on perceptions and problems promotes trust and forms community. It will also highlight our flaws and mistakes. You may find this forum helpful to ask others for help, share an observation, or you may just find it compelling as an observer. It’s here when you need it.

Q: Who’s running this place?
A: The inmates! No, really this is mostly an unregulated self-support area. “We” in the FAQ can mean everyone here including you (the royal we), or specifically the project, which is run by many folks at (some background there). You can see a much larger community in action at Mediocre’s daily deal site, Both sites operate open-to-the-public versions of a forum like this one. Click the Community navigation on either site to enter. Your same account will work to join in there.