Foscam FI9816p arrived DOA

elephant went on a bit of a rant said

One of the foscam cameras I ordered here arrived DOA, after testing, specifically the problem seems to be with the power supply. Yes I can buy one for 10$ on amazon…but that would cancel out the savings from buying it here since you can get that camera on amazon for about 10$ more. Also it’s a matter of principle, I’ve already ingnored and written off products sold by mediocre Corp more than once. Anyways, I do not not not want to deal with foscam support, giving personal information to yet another entity for something that arrived not working out of the box. You promised a working thing - please give me that thing and don’t force me to jump through hoops. At first a support person tried to tell me that they didn’t have any more in stock…But they are for sale once again. Oh, also it appears to be registered to another foscam account so I can’t add it to the foscam app which is currently the only way to access footage from the sd card via a mobile device. I wasn’t going to post anything, but I feel my concerns were being ignored by the support rep assigned to my order. At the very least mediocre should send me a replacement power supply and I can send in the broken one. But having the buck be passed is just irritating.