Soapy Bliss 4-Piece Luxury Bath Gift Set

Pop The Cork! You’ll feel as though you’re taking a bath in a champagne glass! This fragrance actually smells “fizzy”! Soapy Bliss Cupcake Bath Bombs are sweet little treats for your bath. They’re a fizzy, moisture rich, skin softening, bath enhancing, treat of deliciousness!

The Bathtub Candies are sweet, little indulgent bath melts. Each piece of candy is handcrafted with the finest, freshest cocoa butter and vitamin E available. To use simply drop a piece in your tub, let the candy melt and fizz while infusing your tub with delicious aroma and sweet candy goodness. This box is an ode to champagne! Each mini box contains one of each of the following: Pink Champagne, Mimosa, Strawberries and Champs, and Peach Bellini.

The deliciously whipped Sugar Scrub will have your skin feeling perfectly smooth and polished. The brand new recipe turns into a creamy lotion when combined with water. No more oily mess!

The deliciously whipped Body Butter will make your skin feel amazingly renewed and hydrated! The brand new forward-thinking recipe made with organic butters and oils will fast become your favorite go-to moisturizer.


  • Contains one cupcake Bath Bomb, one 4 piece Bathtub Candy mini bath bomb set, one 12oz Sugar Scrub, and one 8oz Body Butter
  • Gluten and Paraben Free
  • Bath Bomb: Pink Champagne
    • Frosting topping can be removed and used as a sugar scrub or disolved in bath with the rest of the cupcake
  • Bathtub Candy: Bubbly
    • Handcrafted with cocoa butter and vitamin E
    • Simply drop a piece in your tub and enjoy
  • Sugar Scrub: Pink Champagne
    • No oily mess, scrub becomes creamy lotion when combined with water
    • Simply take a small amount of scrub in your hand, and apply directly to body in circular motion to exfoliate skin. Let sink in for 2-5 minutes before rinsing for best results
  • Body Butter: Pink Champagne
    • Whipped Body Butter will make your skin feel renewed and hydrated
    • Made with organic butters and oils
    • Best if used after shower or bath to lock in moisture

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Tuesday, January 29th - Monday, February 4th

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