20-Pack: Schick Hydro 3 Men's Refills (Unboxed)

The Schick Hydro® 3 Blade Refill for use with the Schick Hydro® 3 Razor provides a close, comfortable shave. Each blade refill features the Schick exclusive 7 Hydrating Gel Pools that hydrate throughout each shave and provide instant lubricating protection. A guardbar and narrow blade spans smooth your skin and help reduce irritation.

The Schick Hydro® 3 features an easy cartridge loading system.

Hydrates throughout each shave

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Ultra Glide® Blades with Skin Guards
Our five Ultra Glide® Blades feature skin guards at the top of each blade, doubling the number of points of contact between the blades and skin – all to control skin flow to help reduce friction as you shave. Narrow blade spans minimize skin bulge to help smooth the flow of skin across the blades.

7 Hydrating Gel Pools
The 7 Hydrating Gel Pools are designed to provide instant lubricating protection, featuring a lubricant surface area increase of 80%. Plus, Schick Hydro® hydrates your skin for up to 1 hour after you shave.

Enhance Your Shaving Experience
The Schick Hydro® 3 Blade Refill is a must-have for anyone using the Schick Hydro® 3 Razor. To enhance your shaving experience, try Edge® Shave Gel with your Schick Hydro® 3 razor.

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