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Fitboxr Fitness Trainer with Adjustable Harness

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Skip the Gym

The gym is not my happy place. Sure, I understand that working out releases endorphins and dopamine that will make me feel great afterward, but getting myself to the gym seems like a chore every single time. I find gyms to be intimidating, unmotivating, and not to mention expensive. So I skip the gym—it doesn’t mean I skip the exercise though.

Most days, I get my exercise through routine walks and at-home workouts like yoga and resistance bands. Some days I only have time for a quick sun salutation or micro-workout, but that’s better than nothing. Over the years I have found that the more accessible a routine is the more I will do it, which is why I love this FITBOXR Resistance Trainer. I can sneak in a workout at my desk or while watching television, and I can also use it while walking to increase my aerobic activity or just wear the harness around the house to correct my posture. It’s easy and portable so I can take it with me to add a little bit of exercise wherever I go, which beats a trip to the gym any day.


  • Tone your muscles while talking on the phone
  • Strengthen your core while catching up on your favorite television program
  • Burn fat and boost your confidence with the FITBOXR


  • Check out this handy portable fitness device that offers effective workouts while focusing on posture at the same time
  • This resistance trainer helps align the upper back while taking pressure off the lower back by adjusting the straps to a snug fit, thus contributing to better posture
  • The removable resistance bands with handles offer a complete upper body workout through a series of exercises that mimic natural muscle movement
  • Small harness is Blue and the Large harness is Red
  • Measurements:
    • Small (Blue): Fits most women and small framed persons - 17"L x 2"W x 8"H
    • Large (Red): Fits most adult males - 22"L x 2"W x 10"H

What’s Included?

  • 1x Fitboxr Fitness Trainer with Adjustable Harness in the size of your choice
    • 1x Set of yellow 10 lb resistance bands with aluminum carabiners
    • 1x Instructional DVD
    • 1x User guide
    • 1x Carry bag


90 days

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