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Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832

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Keeping things cool with Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832

Although summer is right around the corner, it’s that time of year when your temperature needs don’t require an air conditioner just yet. If you’re stumped on how to achieve the perfect equilibrium, we have the perfect air cooler for you - the Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 at a very affordable price. This practically silent, customizable cooling experience can go from your typical fan cool to something more satisfying with just the flip of a switch. With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, this system is to every area of the house and can even be a vacation staple, working quietly behind the scenes to set the mood. Three fan speeds allow for your preferred level of intensity, and this cooler can even operate as an air humidifier to promote healthy air quality alongside the ideal temperature. With this all in one package, what’s stopping you from stocking up?

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I like it,

Written by @dabii - June 19th 2022
Verified Purchase


Written by @joebrotherton - June 22nd 2022
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  • Cool down without freezing, thanks to the Portable AirCoolr F832 from the experts at Blaux!
  • Equipped with three different fan speeds so you can switch from just a simple fan to a cooling experience
  • Got somewhere to be? Recharge with a simple USB C cable for cooling vibes on the go
  • Practically silent for when you need cool air with no ambiance
  • Doubles as an air humidifier for healthy air quality!


  • Customizable – It can create a cooling breeze or be switched to a regular fan, all in a matter of a few seconds
  • Keeps you healthy – It can operate as a humidifier
    • If you suffer from dry air or stuffed sinuses, then Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 is the perfect solution for you
  • Adjustable – It comes with three different fan speeds that you can customize to your personal preference
  • Quiet operation – It doesn’t make loud and obnoxious noises when operating
    • You can relax, work, and study quietly
  • Portable – Lightweight and compact
    • Easy to carry due to its size
    • You can take it anywhere with you to stay at a perfect temperature
    • Can be easily charged using a USB-C cable
  • Long-lasting battery life – Rechargeable 2000mAh battery
    • It can recharge with a USB type C cable
  • Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832 is the new advanced portable air conditioning unit
  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 6.75" x 7.5"

What’s Included?

  • 1x Blaux Portable AirCoolr F832
  • 1x Blaux USB-C charging cord


90 days


Verified Purchase


I like it,

Written by @dabii - June 19th 2022
Verified Purchase


Written by @joebrotherton - June 22nd 2022
Verified Purchase

It leaks

Received this yesterday and tried it out and it leaked all over tried several times to fix it and to no avail it still leaks not happy and it doesn’t cool you off good either

Written by @Nor14ene - June 25th 2022
Verified Purchase

Can’t Handle the Heat.

I live in a hot place. I put the fan in a small bathroom. After two hours there was little change. It did not cool at all.

Written by @jdelara61 - June 27th 2022
Verified Purchase

Beaux portable aircoolr F832

I was just getting ready to try cooler, and noticed that the plastic bottle is cracker!!

Written by @YesitsTrue - June 25th 2022
Verified Purchase

Not worth it. Blaux Portable ac F832

Do not buy. This barely blows out any air. There is no place where you could use it and feel its effect.
Very disappointed.

Written by @otisoltman - June 21st 2022

NOT a good deal

This is just a fan that leaks if you try to move it.

Written by @mamamia75 - June 21st 2022
Verified Purchase

Doesn't work

This product is not a cooling fan at all. We put frozen water and it still didn’t work

Written by @shopmore12 - June 21st 2022

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