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5-Pack: China Glaze Nail Polish Mystery Bundle

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Bust out of that rut

Fashion is so much easier when you figure out which colors look good on you. Maybe you love bright colors and stock your closet with jewel tones, or perhaps you’ve built up a wardrobe of pastels and earthy neutrals.

But sometimes, you get sick of the same old thing, no matter how much you like it, and it’s time to mix things up a bit. When you’re feeling restless, your nails are the perfect place to start experimenting with fun new shades.

That’s why this mystery bundle—a rainbow of five fun, eye-catching colors—is so perfect. It takes the stress out of choosing and gives you a brand new palette to play with. You get to try a bunch of new colors without investing in a whole new wardrobe. Maybe you’ll even discover some new favorites to incorporate into your look.

Plus, everything’s more fun when it’s a surprise (and a really great deal).


  • Shake up your routine with a pop of color
  • Professional quality polish below drugstore prices
  • Glides on smooth, hardens fast
  • Bundle includes five surprise shades


  • Choose from three different mystery bundles (A, B or C)
  • All colors guaranteed to be unique, even if you buy all three!
  • Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer with Hardeners
  • Will not harden in the bottle - no thinner required!
  • Will, not chip!
  • Includes Five (5) 0.5oz Bottles

Included In The Box

  • 5-Pack: China Glaze Nail Polish Mystery Bundle


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, April 6th - Thursday, April 9th

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