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4-Pack: Slicker Seat Premium Poncho with Stadium Seat Coverage

Full Coverage

Fall is every season all at once where I live. It might be hot and sunny one day only to be frigid and rainy the next. Don’t let the weather keep you inside—there is so much going on right now! From apple picking and pumpkin patching to baseball games and football fun, fall has it all. Dress for success by layering up and always having rain gear on hand. Ponchos are the easiest because you can just toss it on and stay dry all day. This set comes with 4 ponchos so the whole family is covered, and you didn’t even have to take the kids out to try on raincoats (hip hip hooray).

It doesn’t matter if you’re cheering for the home team or not, you’re the big winner when you bring one of these ponchos to the game. With a built in stadium seat you’ll not only stay cozy and dry, but your tush will have some cush—making a day on the bleachers way better in my book. If you’re a football or baseball fan (and who isn’t this time of year), you can score big with today’s bonus deal. Give your favorite MLB or NFL team a hand with a pair of utility gloves. Staying warm and dry is the name of the game!


  • Pretty slick – this slicker has a built-in seat
  • A cushy seat and convenient coverage when the rain rolls in
  • Take me out to the ball game—this is perfect for a day at the diamonds or the football field


  • The attached stadium seat cushion is removable and allows you to stay comfortably seated anywhere
  • Keep yourself productive, dry, and comfy under the weather in your favorite color as you choose among the variety of beautiful colors the Slicker Seat offers
  • This slicker offers multiple functions that you can comfortably wear and utilize once the rainy season starts
  • This slicker provides an effectively commendable external protection from the rain with a built-in poncho to keep you warm and dry all day long
  • Provides extra seat cushioning wherever you want to go
  • The Slicker Seat raincoat features a built-in seat, allowing you to watch any outdoor game with optimum comfort
  • Very easy to store and carry simply fold it and keep it with its zipper-lock feature
  • Keep it in your car or your drawer after you fold it and conveniently stow it away, preparing you for the next rainy weather
  • Stay fashionable as you go outdoors and be clad in your favorite color
  • This outerwear is made available in a variety of bright and vivid colors designed to match your whole ensemble
    • Available Colors: Red, Purple, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, White, Gold, Maroon, Brown Orange, Light Blue, Tangerine, Grey, Dark Red, Pink, and Bright Orange

What’s Included?

  • 4x Slicker Seat Premium Poncho with Stadium Seat Coverage In Your Choice of Color


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, Oct 25 - Friday, Oct 29

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