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2-Pack: SecureBrite 9-in-1 Emergency Auto Tool with Flashlight

You’re driving down a road you’ve never been on before, it’s dark, and the nearest town is a couple miles away.

Maybe you hit a big patch of ice. Or maybe you had to swerve around a deer. Maybe you even nodded off for a second at the wheel. Whatever the case may be, you are in unfamiliar territory, it’s the middle of night, and you’ve spun out. Car comes to a jerky stop. First thing you try to do is get the seatbelt off, but it just won’t unlock. You manage to reach the glove compartment, and you pull out this bad boy. You cut the seatbelt, stuck buckle be darned, and regain your composure.

You get out of the car, try to figure just what the heck happened to make you spin so bad and realize your evasive maneuvers blew a tire. You could try using your cellphone light while changing it, maybe hold it in your teeth? Not the best.

Well, it’s a good thing you’re holding this emergency auto tool already! You can just clamp it, lay it on the ground, or stick it with magnets to the side of your car. Instant work light. A couple minutes of tire changing and extra inspection and you’re moving again.

The next morning you’ll go to an auto place, but, for now, your only worry will be finding a place to sleep.


  • Multiple flashlight modes assist during a tire change or let you signal for help
  • A window breaker and a seatbelt cutter free you from jammed doors or stuck buckles
  • A built-in clamp, several magnets, and swivel-body design help provide the ideal leverage for the job at hand
  • Since this set includes two tools with gift boxes, you can share them with family members and feel a sense of comfort


  • Includes two 9-in-1 auto tools with gift boxes
    • Work light
    • Flashlight
    • Emergency light
    • Seatbelt cutter
    • Window breaker
    • Hook
    • Magnets
    • Clamp
    • Swivel body
    • Rubberized handles
  • Each requires 3 AAA batteries (NOT included)

what’s included?

  • 2x SecureBrite 9-in-1 Emergency Auto Tool with Flashlight in Red


90 days

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